A Treatise On Scam “Benefit” Fishing Tournaments


I believe that any “Benefit Fishing Tournament” that does not publish the amount of money raised and the amount of money given to the named cause to be a possible scam..

I also believe that if “Benefit” tournaments are done behind a cloak of secrecy that the only people really benefiting from the tournament are those who run it as they DEDUCT from the money received EXPENSES & PAYOUTS to participants.

You may not like those two statements above, but I don’t really care, if you put on a “Benefit” tournament and if the majority of the money raised does not go to the named beneficiary, you’re a fraud.

Most people who donate their hard earned dollars to “benefit” someone or something want their money to go to the cause, not to those running the benefit.

So with my position in mind this is what I’m going to be calling on the industry to set a standard for all the so-called “Benefit” Fishing Tournaments.

  • We will push for full and open accounting from each “Benefit” tournament that is run on public water, launched from public docks or weigh-ins conducted on public land.

  • We will push for state and local governments who grant permits for “Benefit” tournaments do so only after reviewing the accounting practices of the tournament requesting a permit.

  • We will push for the practice of having a CPA review all accounting of “Benefit” tournaments.

  • We will ask that the industry do not “donate” prizes or “giveaways” without first asking for the tournament “donation” plan and payout structure.

  • We will lobby for NO PAYOUTS to any tournament participant, instead championing BENEVOLENCE on the part of all anglers who take part in benefit tournaments to do so without seeking payouts or prizes.

We will also launch a “Benefit Fishing Tournament Clearing House” where “Benefit” tournaments can show their transparency and adherence to benevolence for the cause they are launching to help support.

Since this is a fundamental change in the running of “Benefit” fishing tournaments we will be happy to list for the time being any “Benefit” tournament with a 75% or better payout to the beneficiary on the following page so you know who to trust, and who to be wary of.

Let’s see how many will open their “Benefit” Fishing tournament books and take the challenge to do what’s right in the raising money for a cause arena..

Click below (it may take awhile before anyone rises above)